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Blue Mountain Truffles pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our Italian truffles. We supply truffles to a variety of customers from Michelin star chefs to individuals with a keen culinary interest who only want to cook with authentic ingredients.

We supply a variety of fresh truffles depending upon the season from the relevantly abundant Summer Truffles to the much sort after rare Precious Black and Precious White truffles.

Our team gather from our land and the surrounding Blue Mountains, based in the Marche region of North Eastern Italy and supply them direct to you via fully insured international couriers. We can supply truffles in a range of different weights from a small 30g pack of truffles all the way up to whole kilos of truffles depending upon your requirements. If you use lots of fresh truffles then don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a bulk discount

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Buying truffles online from Blue Mountain Truffles Italy couldnt be easier, simply select the variety of truffle you desire from our fresh in-season truffles, select the weight and then pay securly via PayPal. Your truffles will then be delivered to you via fully insured 24hr courier to guarantee their freshness. As your payment will be taken via PayPal you will be covered by their buyer protection scheme and can be sure your card details are fully secure.

Precious White Truffles

From October to December the Precious White Truffles can be found throughout the Italian countryside. Hiding amongst the roots of the Oak, Black Hornbeams and Hazelnut trees. This white truffle is the most sort after truffle in the world, it will add that touch of excellence to almost any dish. Whether it be meat, fish or even just simple scrambled eggs, adding a generous shaving of our Precious White Truffles will make it a dish fit for a king.
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*please contact us for orders over 1Kg
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Autumn Black Truffles

The Autumn Black Truffles can also be found between October and December within similar mixed forests of Oak and Black Hornbeam. These knobbly little gems are more abundant than the precious white truffles but still add that exquisite final touch to almost any dish. They are very similar to the summer black truffles but with a more mature robust flavourt and aroma.
*please contact us for orders over 1Kg
Buy Truffles Online from blue mountain truffles: Large Autumn Black Truffle
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Marche, Italy

On the eastern coast of Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea sits the beautiful region of Marche. (Italian pronunciation: [╦łmarke]) Home to 1.5 million people this diverse region contains rich forests, mountains and coastlines enabling its inhabitants to create stunning cuisine incorporating the treasures of the land and the sea. The bountiful forests of the Blue Mountains in Marche provide the perfect environment for the highly prized black and white truffles to flourish. Being based here enables Blue Mountain Truffles to hunt the freshest top quality Italian truffles and supply them direct to you.

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